Evaluation Kit for CCS801

General Description

The CCS801 is an analog VOC sensor for detecting VOCs (volatile organic compounds) for monitoring indoor air quality. The CCS801 Evaluation Kit is a combination of a CCS801 shield and a USB to I²C dongle. The evaluation kit connects to a Windows PC via USB port and the sensor is powered via the USB connector. It can be controlled by a Windows PC based application, which demonstrates the sensor output and calculated TVOC and equivalent CO2 values. In addition, this kits demonstrates the relative humidity and temperature values measured by the ENS210 sensor and uses this information to compensate for environmental changes during VOC detection. The PC application can also be used for logging of sensor data as well. The evaluation kit can also be used for quick integration into end customer’s application. The CCS801 evaluation kit comes with an extensive set of documentation such as a quick start guide, an user manual, application notes etc. and reference drivers for easy design in.

Technical Documents

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Quick Start Guide Quick Start Guide for the CCS801 evaluation kit English

Other Information

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Image CCS801 evaluation kit image English

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