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Sensing is Life
Our vision is to create the uncontested leader in optical solutions through bold investments in disruptive innovation and
continuous transformation delivering best-in-class profitability and growth.
Why ams - growing fast

Growing fast

in exciting technology markets


The success of ams has led to fast growth, which is set to continue. ams operates design and test centers in Europe, Asia and the US, and manufacturing facilities in Europe and Asia. We offer career opportunities worldwide to talented and passionate people.


Engineers at ams develop pioneering technologies that greatly impact a broad range of markets - we as a one big team shape trends and impact lives.

Why ams - innovation

A pioneering center

of innovation


Engineers come to work at ams for the excitement of inventing new products, technologies and solutions.


Innovation and the ability to use advanced semiconductor technology to help customers achieve design breakthroughs are highly valued at ams.


ams provides a rich set of tools, test facilities and other engineering resources to help its talented engineering teams develop industry-leading products.

Why ams - capabilities

Develop capabilities


One of the ams leadership principles is, ‘Invest to be best’.

This involves investing in our employees, and in their training and development. ams has a full set of training programs for individuals, leadership, technical skills and management. 


ams has exciting career paths for all job functions.

Every employee can apply for time to take training courses listed in the ams Training Catalogue. A talent management program and regular performance reviews and feedback sessions help employees to plan their careers at ams, identify and acquire the new skills that they need, and fulfill their ambitions at our company.  The success of the company is shared, through schemes such as employee profit sharing, bonus programs, for instance for patenting an invention, and long-term equity incentive programs for senior employees.

Why ams - Culture

A winning culture

From small ASIC specialist to global leader in sensors


ams has its roots in Austria Mikro Systeme, a specialist supplier of analog ASICs and foundry services founded in 1981 and based near Graz, Austria.

Today, ams has expanded its footprint across Europe, Asia and the US. Diversity is valued across ams, the global team represents currently more than 55 nationalities.


The company’s goal is to be the leading supplier in all the markets it operates in. A Core Value of the company is ‘Passion to Win’.

ams leadership principles call for the company to ‘invest to be best’, including investing in products and technology that deliver No. 1 market positions.

To become the No. 1, ams has to think big, and create new solutions that no-one else has ever thought of. At ams, you will be encouraged to ‘imagine the impossible’.

Why ams - integrity

Trust and integrity


The ams culture puts a special emphasis on trust and integrity.


ams is determined to be No. 1 in its target markets – but to do so while behaving in the right way.

Leaders are expected to show trust in their staff. If you say you will do something, your manager will trust you to do it.

This also means that staff are accountable for their actions. Performance management is open and transparent. You will be expected to take responsibility for your actions – and you will be well rewarded when you succeed.


Integrity is of the highest importance.

Why ams - Staff

Attention to employees

How ams listens to the voices


ams is a big global company, but it still pays close attention to the views of employees at every level.

Senior executives of ams hold regular town hall meetings, open to all employees, at all the company’s locations worldwide. ams regularly carries out global surveys, and invites anonymous input from employees.


The company’s leadership principles are strictly enforced. Leaders are required to be empathetic and respectful. ams encourages managers to listen actively to their employees, and to consider seriously every member’s contribution.


The ams culture expects everyone to be fair, and for each person to treat others the way they wish to be treated themselves.