Webinar Wearable Applications

Wearable Products Webinar in Chinese

2020/12/09 - 2020/12/09


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Introducing ams' leading biosensor and optical sensor solutions for wearable products.

Join our webinar about wearable sensors

ams offers a full category of biosensor solutions from PPG+ECG modules (PD+LED+AFE inside) to AFE only solutions which cover the measurement of HRV, BP, SpO2 and ECG, among others.

We also provide best-in-class ambient sensors, UV sensors, and gesture sensors under OLED which are small in size, consume low power and highly accurate. In this webinar, we will discuss the challenges of wearable products and the technologies behind our sensors, as well as match our portfolio to the critical applications on wearable products, especially the health-related parameter measurement and monitoring functions.


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Date: December 9th, 2020 @ elecfans
Time: 10:00-11:30am, BST 

Why attend the Webinar?

 - Introduction to ams biosensor solutions 
 - Introduction to ams optical sensor solutions
 - Get background on technologies behind the sensor


Webinar Speaker 

Liang Tian
Field Application Engineer, ams AG

Liang graduated from Southwest University in 2007 with a master's degree. Liang joined ams in 2017 and takes charge of technical support on biosensors and optical sensors for ams' key customers. He has extensive experience in sensor applications for wearable products.