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Chinese Webinar: ams OSRAM sensors on wearable health monitoring

2021/06/23 - 2021/06/23



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As the world's leading optical sensor solution company, we offer a broader product portfolio and evolving products to progress the advancement of health monitoring capabilities.

Join our webinar about vital sign sensor solutions

The development of wearable health monitoring has become unstoppable today. In the past two years, domestic and foreign consumer electronics brands and large groups have joined the track. The watch bracelets available on the market have basically made health monitoring a standard feature. The three main directions for the continuous development of health monitoring are higher accuracy, lower power consumption, and more functions. In addition to dynamic heart rate, industry players are also actively developing functions such as blood oxygen, blood pressure, skin water content and even non-invasive blood sugar.

The optical sensor of ams OSRAM has taken an absolute leading position in the field of global health monitoring. As a world-class optical sensor solution company, we will invest more R&D resources in this field of health monitoring, by providing a broader product portfolio and evolving products to help iterate and advance the health monitoring functions.

Date: Wed., 23/06/2021
Time: 10:00am - 11:30am GMT+8

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Why attend this webinar?

  1. Learn about the latest photoelectric sensors and analog front-end products and services of ams OSRAM.
  2. Analyze how to select a more suitable device for a specific design.
  3. Look forward to the future development direction of wearable health monitoring.


Speaker:Kaelyn Wang
Senior Marketing Manager, Health Monitoring, Asia Pacific at ams OSRAM

Kaelyn has more than ten years of optical sensor research, development and market experience. She is currently responsible for ams OSRAM health monitoring sensors and analog front-end products for the Asian Pacific market.