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Chinese Webinar: ams ANC and proximity sensing bring a new earbuds design

2020/07/09 - 2020/07/09

Webinar @10am BST

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ams digital augmented hearing solutions optimizes the design of loose fit earphones. Combined with ams optical proximity in-ear detection solutions and innovative capacitive touch interactions to assist customers in the design of the best earphones.

Hear what you want to hear, enjoy the personal world. ams' new digital augmented hearing solution opens a new design of enhanced wireless earbuds, adjusts environmental noise through market-leading active noise cancellation (ANC) performance, Automatic Leakage Compensation (ALC) technology and Automatic Preset Selection (APS) and other functions , To provide users with first-class noise reduction experience, significantly improve the sound quality of portable consumer electronic devices.

Small, portable, smart and comfortable, this is the direction of future headset design. The ams digital augmented hearing solution is optimized for loose fit earbuds. Combined with ams optical proximity in-ear detection solutions and innovative capacitive touch interactions, ams to support customers in the design of the best headphones.


Time: Jul 9, 2020 @ 10:00-11:30am Beijing Time

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In this webinar, ams will bring

  • Advantageous solutions provided on wireless earbuds and simplified earphone design
  • Digital augmented hearing, especially optimized and stable active noise cancellation technology for more comfortable loose fit earbuds
  • Optical proximity ear detection and optical sensing interaction
  • Related technology demonstration
  • Discuss technology trends and potential applications together

ams is in a leading position in the global technology and has deep technical experience in this field.

Webinar Speaker


William Wang
Application Marketing & BD Manager, Audio

William has more than 9 years experience in audio industry, responsible for marketing and sales development of key components used in various headsets and portable devices.He has paid close attention to the development trend of audio field and accumulated a lot of experience and insights on various audio applications and earphone design.