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Structured light systems from ams enable 3D imaging applications to achieve extremely high accuracy. Accurate structured light technology is behind the user face recognition being implemented in smartphones. Structured light products and design expertise from ams help customers get to market quickly and scale up production rapidly.

These products, which provide
best in class performance, include VCSEL (laser) arrays, projection optics and diffractive optics. The offering from ams also includes expertise in system design (including dot patterns) as well as in assembly and system integration.

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Structured light systems project random patterns of dots – sometimes more than 30,000 dots - on the target. The miniaturized projection systems consist of VCSEL arrays as the light source, and sophisticated optical and micro-optical elements. A camera optimized for near infrared (NIR) wavelengths captures images of the dot pattern. Algorithms generate depth maps by analyzing changes in the pattern.

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