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TMD3700 Color Sensor Module

Digital color sensor, proximity sensor and IR LED in an optical module with 1.8V I2C interface


  • Small footprint and low profile package (4.00 x 1.75 x 1.00 mm)
  • 45 degree average ALS FOV
  • Wide dynamic range and high sensitivity


  • Reduced board space requirements and enables low profile system design
  • Improved ALS angular response for more accurate measurement of lighting environment
  • Operating range of 200 mLux to 60 kLux enables operation behind dark glass

Product parameters

Supply Voltage [V] 1.7 - 2.0
I²C Bus 1.8V
Programmable Gain, integration time, interrupt, IR LED drive current
Integrated Capabilities Color sensing, ALS, proximity, IR LED
Recommended Operating Distances
Temperature Range [°C] -30 to 85
Packages Surface mount, 8-pin optical module

General Description

The TMD3700 features advanced proximity measurement, digital ambient light sensing (ALS) and color sensing (RGBC). The module incorporates an IR LED and factory calibrated LED driver. The proximity detection feature provides object detection (e.g. mobile device screen to user’s ear) by photodiode detection of reflected IR energy (sourced by the integrated LED). The color and ALS detection feature provides red, green, blue and clear light intensity data. Each of the C, R, G, B channels have a UV and IR blocking filters and a dedicated data converter producing 16-bit data simultaneously. This architecture allows applications to accurately measure ambient light and sense color which enables devices to calculate illuminance and color temperature, control display backlight, and chromaticity.

This product suits for the following applications:

  • Color sensing for display color management or camera image enhancement
  • Ambient light sensing
  • Proximity detection for mobile phone touchscreen disable


Title Category Headline Buy
TMD3700EvalKit Application Board Evaluation Kit for TMD3700

Technical Documents

Name Type Description Version Language
TMD3700_BD000176_1-00.png Block Diagram TMD3700 Block Diagram 1-00 English
TMD3700_DS000463_2-00.pdf Datasheet Document version 1-02 2-00 English
TMD3700_PD000196_1-00.png Other Product Document TMD3700EvalKit Image 1-00 English
TMD3700_PD000450_1-00.pdf Other Product Document EOL Notification TMD3700 (issued 2018-Apr) 1-00 English

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