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ams surprised by allegations in “Finanz & Wirtschaft” newspaper

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New Komfy Switch with camera by D-Link features ams gas sensor for accurate air quality measurements

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ams announces completion of transaction to acquire CMOSIS

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ams introduces complete single-chip hardware and software solution for ultrasonic water flow metering

New acam TDC-GP30-F01 includes processor to compute water flow, volume and temperature measurements, making metering system implementation quick and easy Ultra-low power consumption allows for up to 20 years’ operation on a single AA battery

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ams acquires CMOSIS, a leading supplier of high-end area scan and miniature medical CMOS image sensors

Acquisition expands ams’ optical sensor portfolio and market leadership with high-value solutions for machine vision, medical, photographic and scientific imaging at expected 2015 revenues of approx. EUR 60m

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New STM32 Nucleo expansion board with boostedNFC from ams provides complete hardware and software blueprint for ultra compact NFC designs

Joint ST and ams NFC solution with software running on STM32 family of microcon-trollers is ideal for IoT nodes and contactless card emulation in wearables

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ams schedules 2016 multi-project wafer starts for analog foundry customers

Area and performance improved truly scalable High-Voltage transistors now also available for shuttle participants

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ams reports positive third quarter results with revenues in upper half of guidance range; sees softer demand patterns influencing fourth quarter

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New NFC solution from ams for smart watches and other wearables enables faster, more reliable contactless payments

AS3921 with boostedNFC technology has ultra-small footprint and very low power consumption required in latest generation of wearable and portable devices

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ams launches ultra-compact, efficient 200mA boost converter for products powered by a single-cell li-ion battery

AS1383’s 3.5MHz fixed-frequency switching enables use of small external compo-nents, making it ideal for use in space-constrained products such as wristbands

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UK maker of wearable RFID scanner chooses UHF RFID reader IC from ams for its small size, high performance and low power consumption

The 1153 RFID reader from Technology Solutions Limited provides all-day power and Bluetooth connectivity for use by on-the-move warehouse, retail and delivery operators

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ams introduces industry’s first total solution for 24/7 heart rate measurement for wearables

The AS7000, the first member of ams’ biosensor family, offers highest-accuracy, low power optical pulse rate measurement

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ams offers truly scalable transistors in High-Voltage CMOS

Voltage scalable HV transistor devices provide significant area and performance improvements and result in more dies per wafer

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ZUK, newborn subsidiary of Lenovo company opts for high-performance ams chip in noise cancellation earbuds for its new Z1 smartphone

AS3415 analog ANC speaker driver features ultra-low power consumption and industry-best noise attenuation

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New reference design board from ams for 48V lithium battery monitoring systems

Board provides complete solution for monitoring of high-side current as well as cell voltages and temperatures Hard-wired implementation with simple software eases compliance with ISO 26262 functional safety standard

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Governor Cuomo launches next phase of Nano Utica initiative with nearly 2,000 new jobs expected and over $2 billion in private investment

ams – a Global Leader in Advanced Sensor Technologies – to generate more than 1,000 new jobs and initially invest $2 billion to support new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility GE Global Research and SUNY Poly developing Power Electronics packaging facility, expected to create nearly 500 jobs in initial phase, ultimately growing to nearly 920 over ten years Nano Utica initiative now projected to create more than 4,000 jobs in total over next ten years

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ams offers More Than Silicon in optoelectronics

Expanded process portfolio for foundry customers improves sensitivity and form factor of advanced optoelectronic devices

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ams acquires advanced CMOS sensor business from NXP

New monolithic and integrated CMOS environmental sensors drive significant opportunities in smart phones, wearables, smart homes, industrial, medical and automotive markets

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ams reports second quarter results at high end of expectations

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New Eve home air-quality monitor from Elgato uses ams gas sensor for accurate VOC measurements

Tiny, low-power AS-MLV-P2 MEMS gas sensor helps Eve Room run for months on a small, replaceable battery

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ams delivers industry’s first sensor module to integrate universal remote control, barcode emulation, color sensing, proximity and 3D gesture detection

Low-profile, optical sensor module reduces board space requirements and lowers smartphone BOM cost

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ams continues its Korean market expansion with new office in Pangyo

Growing demand for advanced sensor solutions coupled with the desire to even better serve Korean customers prompted expansion plans

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ams expanding chip testing facility in Philippines

New factory in Calamba City Special Economic Zone ensuring ams can meet highest quality standards while satisfying growing demand

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ams comments on recent press speculation

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High speed rotary position sensor from ams ideal for use in safety-critical automotive applications

New AS5147P position sensor IC offers magnetic stray field immunity and supports ISO26262 compliance programmes

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Satellite-based exploration of the Earth’s magnetosphere

Advanced electronics developed for ultra-precise measurements of the Earth’s magnetosphere captures stunning early results

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Marquardt chooses RF technology from ams for new contactless car key application

The tiny ams AS3914 NFC reader IC in a car’s door handle enables ‘touch to open’ function when coupled with a driver’s smartphone, smart watch or tablet

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ams launches next-generation NFC interface tag IC with advanced data and energy management features

New AS3955 industry-best energy harvesting capability enables battery-less de-signs and wireless Li-ion battery charging

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ams continues its Japan market expansion with new design center in Tokyo

Growing demand for advanced sensor solutions coupled with the desire to better serve Japanese customers prompted expansion plans

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New SoC from acam significantly simplifies electronics for ultrasonic water meters

Highly accurate and extremely energy efficient, the TDC-GP30 from acam heralds a new era for a full static measurement method in ultrasonic flow measurement. The integrated 32-bit µP performs mathematically complex and computationally intensive flow calculations with all the necessary corrections in an extremely power-efficient manner, while the external mi-cro-processor is fully relieved of this task. acam enables cost-effective development, production and service concepts while doing so.

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ams launches world’s smallest ambient light sensor for next generation thinner wearable products

Integrated on-chip interference filters reject IR producing a near-photopic response

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ams reports first quarter 2015 results ahead of expectations; expects further sequential growth in second quarter; Annual Report 2014 published

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Longer run-times in view for single-cell li-ion battery applications as ams launches 96%-efficient 1A buck converter

New AS1382’s tiny footprint and 4MHz switching frequency enable implementation of very small power circuits in mobile phones and wearables

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ams continues its China market expansion with new office location in Shanghai

Growing demand for advanced sensor solutions coupled with the desire to better serve Chinese customers prompted office expansion Plans

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ams’ unveils specialty sensor technology portfolio optimized for IoT applications

Complete turnkey offering for complex sensor solutions boosts time to market and provides proven route to silicon for foundry customers

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Withings room monitor helps keep air quality high indoors thanks to MEMS VOC gas sensor from ams

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ams launches tiny 4mm2 integrated power management solution for wearable devices

AS3701 micro-PMIC includes battery charger circuit, multiple power rails, protection features and I2C interface

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Unparalleled accuracy over full temperature range at high speed in latest version of ams’ 47 series magnetic position sensor

New AS5047P with incremental ABI output is an ideal replacement for optical encoders and resolvers in motor and motion control systems that enables dramatically lower system costs while still providing high accuracy performance

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Analog speaker driver from ams provides low-power noise cancellation in latest Huawei smartphone

Ascend Mate 7’s headset offers outstanding voice call and audio playback experience with near-silent background even in noisy environments

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ams and STMicroelectronics join to launch breakthrough solution for secure NFC mobile payments

Reference design combines ams’ boostedNFC technology with ST’s NFC controller and Secure Element to provide fastest, safest, and most reliable secure contactless transactions in phones and wearables with tiny antennas

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ams color sensor for mobile devices improves accuracy and offers new light source detection capability

TCS3490 intelligent color sensor’s accurate measurement of color temperature and ambient light intensity enables sophisticated display color management control for smartphones, tablets, notebooks and digital still cameras

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ams reports strong growth for full year 2014 and positive fourth quarter 2014 results; expects sequential revenue growth in first quarter 2015

Financial information for fiscal year 2014 and fourth quarter 2014

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ams’ sensor-integrated smart lighting manager enables IoT-connected daylight harvesting

Fully integrated AS721x autonomous daylighting manager enables manufacturers to bring the internet of awareness™ to lighting

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ams pre-announces fourth quarter 2014 revenues exceeding guidance at EUR 139.0 million, first quarter 2015 revenues expected to grow quarter-on-quarter and a fourth quarter 2014 operating margin impact from faster R&D expansion and one-time effects

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