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Machine Vision Application - factory

Factory Automation

ams offers a wide range of image sensors to cover multiple applications for factory automation. Quality inspection requires fast, high-resolution image sensors with advanced global shutter pixels.

More recent vision-based applications rely on 2D and 3D images of objects and factory surroundings. For example, automated guided vehicles move objects on the factory floor. Another example are cobots, i.e. robots that cooperate with humans. These image sensors must enable the functionality and they must be part of the Safety Instrumented Systems to permit humans and robots or cobots to work on the same factory floor without risk.

ams is transferring its 3D experience in the mobile market to industrial solutions. To maximize customer choice and hit the right price points and functionality, ams continues to develop products based on all three forms of 3D technology: Active Stereo Vision (ASV), Time-of-Flight (ToF), and Structured Light (SL). Having equipment with 3D vision enables new functionality while ensuring that robots and humans can safely work in the same space together. Where fast short- and long-distance,  ranging is required, ams also offers 1D time-of-flight (ToF) sensor solutions supporting both single- and multi-zone/multi-object detection capabilities.

Factory Automation
Machine Vision Application - Automatic Identification and Data Capture

Automatic Identification and Data Capture

Automatic identification and data capture is the ability to identify objects and capture some key metrics. For example, handheld AIDC scanners used in retail, point-of-sale terminals, courier pick-up, and warehousing are based on linear image sensors or 2D array imagers. Another example would be an advanced fixed camera in a high-speed conveyer belt in a distribution center where both the QR code and the volume of the package are monitored.

CMOS image sensors from ams can be easily integrated into these scanners. High Speed Line scanners enable 1D readout or easy integration in fast conveyer belts. Global Shutter image sensors with high quantum efficiency enable power efficient readout. These global shutter image sensors also enable 3D volume measurements.

Volume and Distance Measurement

Volume and Distance Measurement

Solutions from ams enable 3D measurements used for volume and distance measurements. Possible applications are only limited by the creativity of the user.

Volume measurements can be used in AIDC to track the dimensions of packages in a fully automated warehouse. Distance measurements enable robots within an automated warehouse to move without risk. ams provides key components for all 3D technologies as well 1D time-of-flight (ToF) sensor solutions supporting both single- and multi-zone/multi-object detection capabilities.

Motion Analysis

Motion Analysis

Motion analysis is used in a diverse range of applications – from production-process review, to sports-performance analysis, even enhanced motion picture applications, and even dance and sport games.  It uses the science of motion capture and analysis in either 2D or 3D configuration. In production, motion-analysis software calculates parameters such as distance, velocity, acceleration, and deformation angles as functions of time. This data is then used to optimize or correct a manufacturing process, or enhance sport performance, and even create avatars in films or games.  Key sensor challenges include high-speed motion capture and NIR sensitivity for eye safety during the illumination of scenes.

For commercial application, motion analysis is always required to understand human behavior to achieve optimum business needs, which will help to enhance human life. Typical applications like footprint tracking, heat map analysis, and dwell time analysis are applied with 3D features to increase data accuracy. ams' VCSEL-based flood illuminator is a key component for time-of-flight (ToF) 3D solutions, especially when implementing ultra-wide angles.

Machine Vision Application - ITS

Intelligent Transportation System (ITS)

The specifications of ITS equipment typically call for global shutter pixels, high shutter efficiency, and high dynamic range (HDR). The required resolution per lane of traffic typically ranges between 600 and 1200 pixels.


CMOS image sensors from ams, including the CMV2000, CMV4000 and CMV12000, satisfy all these requirements and are widely used in ITS applications such as traffic law enforcement, tolling and traffic management.

ITS (Intelligent Transportation System)