By Fabrice Couadou 2020/10/28 Mobile & Wearables | Computing

FIDO 인증 – 당신의 얼굴이 비밀번호입니다.

비밀번호는 매우 번거롭습니다: 기억해야 하고, 90일마다 변경해야 하고, 복잡한 요구 사항을 충족시켜야 합니다. 다행히, 비밀번호는 FIDO(Fast Identity Online)로 대체되어 과거의 것이 되고 있습니다.

By Christian Feierl 2020/10/14 Mobile & Wearables

디지털 청각 증강을 위한 알려지지 않은 '킬러 앱'

개인용 오디오의 게임 체인저, 적응형 누설 보상

By Christian Feierl 2020/08/26 Mobile & Wearables

오디오 – 편안한 착용감으로 듣고 싶은 소리만 들으십시오

당사의 '편안하고 스마트한 고성능 이어버드에 대한 설문조사' 주요 결과: 전 세계 사용자는 편안함, ANC, 긴 배터리 사용 시간 등을 원합니다.

By Jeroen Biesterbos 2020/07/31 Automotive

LIDAR - 자동차의 미래 구현

차량이 갈수록 인간의 감독과 개입을 덜 받으며 작업을 수행함에 따라 LIDAR는 자동차에서 중요한 역할을 하고 있습니다. VCSEL 분야의 리더인 ams는 이러한 혁신을 지원하고 있습니다.

By Nikolai Haslebner 2020/06/16 Health Sensing | Mobile & Wearables | IoT

더욱 향상된 정확도, 보정 및 초저전력 소모를 구현하는 디지털 온도 센서…

공정 자동화와 모니터링, 의료, 이동성에 이르는 선도적인 산업 애플리케이션에 디지털 온도 센서를 적용하는 것은 매우 쉬우며 그 이유는 다음과 같습니다.

By David Smith 2020/11/25 Mobile & Wearables | Computing | Industrial

1D ToF family for mobile and industry brings the right combination of performance, size, and cost

ams 1D time-of-flight ranging sensor family offers mobile and industrial customers the right combination of performance, size, and cost to meet their needs.

By Michael Pichler 2020/11/09 Automotive

Interference-immune position sensors: for when failure is not an option

Lives depend on the safe operation of the brake pedal in a car or the arm of a surgical robot. Innovation from ams ensures that their position sensors can be relied on – in all conditions.

By Filip Frederix 2020/07/23 Health Sensing | Mobile & Wearables

Covid-19 – testing times call for effective measures

How ams spectral sensing technology innovation enables improved methods of rapid testing for coronavirus infection in point-of-care situations

By Lip Leong 2020/06/05 Careers

Teaming up in extraordinary circumstances

ams Sensors Singapore has teamed up with Scoot, the low-cost arm of the Singapore Airlines Group, to find a new way to enable the airline to retain its top talent in this downturn.

By Dominik Stock 2020/05/24 Automotive

Automotive Sensing and Lighting Innovations

Automotive sensing and lighting innovations for a safer, smarter, greener driving experience.

By Markus Luidolt 2020/05/15 Automotive | Mobile & Wearables | Computing

Welcome to our virtual 3D Sensor Demo

3D sensing is everywhere- see how ams is driving 3D into the industrial, building automation, automotive, AR/VR and computing space.

By Pierre Laboisse 2020/05/01 Automotive | Health Sensing | Machine Vision | Mobile & Wearables | Computing

Day in a Life of a Sensor

How does ams sensor technology enable a better lifestyle? Pierre Laboisse, ams EVP Global Sales and Marketing, walks us through how on average 200 sensors could enhance our lives every day, from your dawn workout to turning off the lights. Some scenarios are future ideas.