Factory automation

The family of CMOS area and line scan sensors from ams features high frame rates and global shutter capability for use in machine vision applications.


The ams CMOS sensors produce images of the same high quality as CCD image sensors, while offering all the other advantages of CMOS image sensors: low power, integration of an on-chip ADC, high data rate, digital interfaces and on-chip control of the sensor’s operation. 


The ams image sensors’ 8T global shutter pixel has a very high shutter efficiency (low sensitivity to parasitic light) and offers operating modes optimized for high dynamic range. This means that the sensors are very well suited to applications which control of the lighting conditions is limited, such as in outdoor environments.

ITS (Intelligent Transportation System)

The specifications of ITS equipment typically call for global shutter pixels, high shutter efficiency and High Dynamic Range (HDR). The required resolution per lane typically ranges between 600 and 1200 pixels.


CMOS image sensors from ams, including the CMV2000, CMV4000, CMV8000 and CMV12000, satisfy all these requirements and are widely used in ITS applications such as traffic law enforcement, tolling and traffic management.

Document Scanner

High resolution is a crucial attribute of the image sensor in a document scanner. The function of the scanner is to capture detailed images over a very wide field of view. 


 Standard products in both the CHR and CMV series offer high resolution up to 70Mpixels, and are ideal for use in: 

  • Flatbed scanner
  • ID card control
  • Book digitization
  • Microfilm digitization
  • Film scanner


Equipment for barcode and 2D code reading normally supports one of two applications: Automated Data Capture (ADC) or Automated Inspection (AI). Handheld ADC scanners used in retail, point-of-sale terminals, courier pick-up and warehousing are based on lasers, linear image sensors or array imagers. AI scanners are normally fixed code readers used in industrial settings and in package sorting applications.


Today there is a growing trend to replace laser-based and linear array imagers with arrays of image sensors, which offer superior performance and reliability. CMOS image sensors from ams, which feature global shutter capability, may be easily integrated into scanners for either ADC or AI applications.