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일상과 함께하는 센싱

우리의 비전은 광학 솔루션 분야의 확고한 선두기업으로서 끊임없는 혁신과 기술 개발 투자를 통해 성장과 발전을 선도하는 것입니다.

FSF - Service - Description

Sign a Confidentiality Agreement

In order to exchange company confidential information, a mutual confidentiality agreement needs to be signed with ams. Please contact your local sales representative in order to receive a Confidentiality Agreement or download template from our Foundry Support Server.


Register on Foundry Support Server

The ams' Foundry Support Server is a technical support service for our customers. Services such as download area access, the HV Designers forum and others are only available for registered customers. In order to get access to the restricted area on our Foundry Support Server you need to register first. Note that a valid Confidentiality Agreement is required to complete the registration.


Get access to technical documents

After signing the Confidentiality Agreement and completing the registration on our Foundry Support Server new users get full access to all ams information such as controlled process documents, application notes, datasheets, hitkit updates and others. Download all design relevant documents from our download area.