MEMS MOS gas sensor component for VOC detection


  • 2.7 V for 320°C
  • 34 mW at 320°C
  • Reflow capable
  • Available as tape on reel


  • High sensitivity and fast response
  • Very low power consumption
  • Long-term stability
  • Edge connectors

Product parameters

Interface Analog / (Resistance)
Supply Voltage [V] ~2.7 for 320°C
Power Consumption [mW] 34 at 320°C
Dimension [mm] 9.1 x 9.1 x 4.5
Ambient Temperature Range [°C] 0 to 50
Ambient Humidity Range [% r.h.] 5 to 95, non-condensing

General Description

The AS-MLV-P2 high-performance sensor component is highly sensitive to volatile organic compounds for superior monitoring of indoor air quality. Produced using a combination of thin-film, thick-film and other patent pending proprietary technologies. The AS-MLV-P2 component is available in a package with ultimate design efficiency. The heater and inter-digital electrode structures are placed on an approximately one micrometer thin LPCVD silicon nitride membrane to achieve the lowest possible power consumption.

This product suits for the following applications:

  • Building automation
  • Consumer air quality monitoring

Technical Documents

Type Description Language
Datasheet Document version 1-01 English

Other Information

Type Description Language
Factsheet Unique micromachined, low-power sensor design English

Ownership of this product has moved to Sciosense

Please be informed that this product is now owned by Sciosense B.V., a joint venture of ams AG and Wise Road Capital, effective January 13th, 2020.

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