Master Thesis Student for Thermal aware reliability simulation (m/f/d)

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  • Master/Bachelor (student) Thesis

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  • Title: Evaluation of electro-thermal influenced reliability effects using Cadence Legato tool
  • Brief description: Operation of integrated semiconductor components like MOSFETs is underlying performance losses due to applied stress (electrical fields, temperature). This effect is called device degradation or aging and causes shifts of device dominant parameters like threshold or mobility. For an IC (integrated circuit) developer it is highly important to have a simulation possibility that predicts these shifts. The investigation and benchmarking of such a simulation tool is the aim of this thesis.
  • Research areas: Degradation mechanisms in MOS devices Electro-thermal solver concepts New age industry tool for reliability analysis
  • Literature study on reliability effects and electro-thermal behavior
  • Reliability model implementation
  • Reliability simulation suite definition and implementation
  • Scripting for automation of the simulation flow
  • Legato tool evaluation, benchmarking and calibration.
  • Legato tool implementation to ams reliability and electro-thermal flow

교육 목록

  • Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering, Physics, Telematics or similar.
  • Attendance of master program in Electrical Engineering, Physics, Telematics or similar.

연봉 및 임금

The type of contract for a master thesis is a “Freier Dienstnehmer” / “freelance employment” for a duration of 6 months. During this time frame you will receive a monthly payment of EUR 1.000, - gross. Additional there is the possibility to receive a performance bonus of EUR 3.000, - gross for the successful completion of the Master Thesis.

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