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  • 超低消費電力
  • クラス最高のノイズ低減性能
  • 最小基板面積


IR Proximity Module for In-Ear Detection

IR Proximity Module for In-Ear Detection

ams’ TMD2635 digital infrared proximity module is the world’s smallest complete optical sensor occupying a cubic space volume of just 1mm3 and can be used to enable wireless earbud in-and-out of ear detection.

Its power-saving benefits with the small battery capacity and size of a true-wireless earbud products helps extends battery life and thus longer listening periods by detecting when an earbud is not in a user’s ear because it consumes an average active-mode current consumption of 70µA and 0.7µA in sleep mode.

When used in tandem with another TMD2635 to enable elementary touchless gesture control without the need for buttons. Split near-far field photodiode offset emitter to detector positioning provides the freedom to optimize both the size and shape of the needed sensor apertures in an earbud industrial design and optimize the product for comfort and performance – either a 1.5mm circular or a 1x2mm oval aperture.

Power and communication interface

電力および通信インターフェース - POW:COM