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2021/01/26 - 2021/01/26


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時刻:8:00 am PST | 11:00 am EST | 5:00 pm CET

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  • ドライバー監視にかかる要件 - HoD
  • 静電容量存在検知センシング
  • アプリケーション例
  • 技術
  • 支援ツールと販促物


Andreas Zenz
ams AGのプロダクトマネージャー

Andreas Zenzは、AS8579車載用認定済み静電容量センサを担当するプロダクトマネージャーです。2013年にamsへ入社して以来、Andreasは自動車、産業、医療、ロボティクス分野の顧客に向け、アプリケーション・エンジニアリングを担当してきました。


Joerg Huainigg
ams AGのスタッフ・アプリケーション・エンジニア

スタッフ・アプリケーション・エンジニアのJörg Huainiggは、2011年よりamsに勤務しています。彼は自動車向けアプリケーションで位置センサと静電容量センサを担当しています。






Regardless of the level of driver assistance system your car uses, driving safety is always the most important.

Safety is always the most important thing for driver whatever level driving system your car is with, in order to effectively improve the driving safety, many ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) related products have come to the automotive market already. Hands On/Off Detection (HOD) is one kind of ADAS, which is requested in L1-L4 autonomous driving system and supports the ADAS requirement. Currently there are several of methods to implement HOD like capacitive sensing, camera monitoring, and pressure sensing etc. However ams provides a high accuracy measurement sensor based on impendence measurement principle by using I and Q demodulation technology.
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What value will ams provide to you?

This webinar will focus on the detailed discussion of ams' HOD solution. We will talk about the technical principles, advantages and applications of the solution.


Speaker Jason Yu 
Automotive FAE

From product design and development to providing technical support to customers, Jason has more than 20 years of work experience. In the past 7 years, Jason has provided ams product application support for consumer, industrial, and automotive customers. He is mainly responsible for the application promotion and technical support of ams VCSEL laser, position sensor, steering wheel off-hand detection and other products.