High-Power Flood Illuminator


  • Uniform, flat-top illumination pattern
  • Automotive qualified


  • Enabes high-performance 3D sensing applications
  • Fast, efficient VCSEL technology
  • Compatible with the most demanding time-of-flight cameras

Product parameters

Wavelength [nm] 850; 940
Field of Illumination 57ºx41º; 75ºx55º; 102ºx80º
Footprint [mm] 4.1 x 4.1
Nominal Output Power [mW] 2000

General Description

The TARA2000 module is specifically designed for open-space monochromatic infrared high power uniform illumination. The ultra-compact modules are assembled with ams' state-of-the-art opto-electronics component manufacturing processes and are reflow solderable These modules, using laser illumination, allow improved efficiency, reduced footprint, and overall improved system performance. TARA2000 is an automotive-compliant product and can be used in conjunction with automotive 3D sensing cameras for a variety of applications including Driver and Interior Monitoring Systems (DMS / IMS) and Human Interaction Systems. The TARA2000 modules produce 2W optical output power (CW) at either 850nm or 940nm with three field-of-illumination options: 57ºx41º, 75ºx55º and 102ºx80º FWHM.

This product suits for the following applications:

  • Illumination for 3D Time-of-Flight and 2D Infrared cameras
  • Driver and Interior Monitoring Systems
  • Human Interaction Systems
  • Automotive and industrial applications