vivo honors ams with two awards: Best Innovation Award 2020 and Best Delivery Award 2020

ams honored to receive awards from vivo recognizing its excellent innovative technology R&D capability and delivery efficiency

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ams enables factory productivity and quality with launch of new family of high-speed industrial image sensors

CSG family of image sensors brings new performance options to designers of industrial vision equipment, offering resolution of up to 13.8Mpixels or speed up to 231 frames/s

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ams introduces VCSEL IR emitter family for industrial mass market 2/3D sensing

EGA2000 flood illuminators combine unique ams VCSEL and optical packaging technologies to provide optimal performance in detection and ranging applications

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amsが世界初のAEC-Q102およびISO26262準拠のVCSEL投光 イルミネータを発表、インキャビンセンシングアプリケーションに優れたIR照明を提供

TARA2000-AUT投光イルミネータは、ams の革新的なVCSELと自社開発・製造による光学パッケージング技術を組み合わせることで、お客様にとってamsは信頼できる一つのサプライチェーンとなる

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