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Mittelbayerische: December 2019
Osram-Übernahme: Optimistische Reaktion


Sueddeutsche: December 2019
Osram wird österreichisch


Electronic Design:  January 2019
Better Living with a New Generation of Smart Lights


Electronic Engineering, KOR: June 2018
IoT / Smarthome device sensor


EETimes China: June 2018
Machine learning together with 3D imaging opens a new era of intelligent vision


SemiInsight-WeChat (CHN): June 2018
The marketing “package” of ams sensors (CHN): June 2018
ams, leader in four core sensor applications, embraces the booming of industrial internet with advanced imaging technologies


CTimes (TW): June 2018
Sensor industry update May 2018
ams underscores the plan of high resolution global shutter CMOS image sensor


Digitimes Daily (TW): May 2018
Sensor industry update (CHN): May 2018
The basic hardware of future


Vision Systems Design China: May 2018

48Mpixel CMOS image sensor to achieve mass production


Sensor World (CHN): May 2018
The CMV50000 of ams offers more differentiated applications for medical and industrial markets (CHN):  May 2018

ams, the sensing leader, leads in the optical-imaging convergence (CHN): May 2018
Why do we say now is the eve of the booming of intelligent lighting?


China Electronic News: May 2018
Ideas on Android phones applied 3D sensing technologies achieve mass production


Insight Semicon, KOR: April 2018
Sensor market and business update


Digital Daily, KOR: April 2018
Sensor market and business update


Electronics Supply & Manufacturing (CHN): April 2018
The mainstream technology 3D sensing is widely deployed into smart phones (CHN): April 2018
ams to improve the 3D sensing capacity through acquisition and integration


Electronic Engineering & Product World (CHN): March 2018
Electronica - In the booming of MEMS market, ams is powering the 3D sensors


Anxin-360ic (CHN): March 2018
Laser-focusing on sensors and achieving 93% YoY growth in 2017, how does this company make it? (CHN): March 2018
Sensing is life, ams makes a brilliant appearance at electronica China 2018 with its four core sensors (CHN): March 2018

Electronica - ams sheds light on what sensors are needed in industrial and automotive

Barron's: Feb 2018
ams CEO Alexander Everke envisions a fast universe of sensors

Electronic Science, KOR: Jan 2018
CEO Outlook 2018

EETimes: Dec 2017
ST, ams Sense 3D Trend

New Electronics: Dec 2017
Shaping the future