Security Line Scanners

ams current-to-digital converters enable the acquisition of high resolution images at very high speed. High speed image capture results in high throughput, which in turn can reduce cost. Our solutions can be configured in a flexible way: this means it is possible to find exactly the right balance of resolution, integration time and power consumption for each application.

Industrial X-ray

X-ray scanners are used in various applications in industry. One example in the automotive industry is quality control of engine components. X-ray imaging can also be used to verify the quality of the assembly of electronic components on PCBs. ams offers a solution for the readout circuitry in the flat panels used in these applications. These readout ICs can be configured flexibly and used in a wide range of detector sizes.

Security CT Scanners

Scanners in security applications are increasingly taking advantage of the ability of computed tomography (CT) equipment to take three-dimensional pictures of luggage. This is beneficial for passengers, because it allows them to keep liquids and electronic devices such as laptops inside their hand luggage when going through security checks. ams current-to-digital converters for CT scanners offer high resolution and fast integration time. ams also supplies complete sensing solutions which consist of the photodiode and the analog-to-digital conversion blocks.

Food Inspection

X-ray imaging may be used to make sure that there are no harmful objects in packaged food. Here, ams supplies current-to-digital converters which offer very fast integration time. This enables the design of X-ray scanners which produce high throughput.