End of Life Notifications

Date of issue
March 2020 TSL1401CL
March 2020 TSL3301CL
February 2020 NanEye NE2D_B&W_FOV90_F4.0 FT SE and NE2D_B&W_F2.8_FOV120_SGA FT SE
February 2020 NanEye NE2D_RGB_FOV160_F2.4_3m_DP FT SE, NE2D_RGB_FOV120_F2.8_3M_DP
January 2020 NanEye NE2D_RGB_FOV90_F2.7_Stereo FT SE
January 2020 NanEye NE2D RGB V90F2.7 LED
January 2020 Withdrawal of EoL for AS3729B-BWLT and AS3729B-BWLM
October 2019 AS3421
October 2019 AS7705-ZSOT
September 2019 PWR various: AS2523, AS2524, AS2525, AS3675, AS3676, AS1119, AS3642, AS3644, AS3646, AS3710, AS3711, AS3712, AS3713, AS3729, AS3956, AS3729B
September 2019 PCAP01AK
July 2019 NE2D NanEye (various - please refer to product list)
July 2019 AS7000, AS7024
June 2019 TCS3490, TCS3790, TCS3990, TMD3790
June 2019 various (please refer to pages 2-4 of the notification)
May 2019 NE2D B&W F2.4 FOV160 LCC v2.0 FT SE
May 2019 AS1364-BTDT-x
April 2019 AS1116-BSST, AS1116-BQFT
April 2019 TDC-GP2 in TRAY packing
March 2019 Dragster devices A (various - please refer to product list)
March 2019 Dragster devices B (various - please refer to product list)
March 2019 NanEye_A (various)
March 2019 NanEye_B (various)
March 2019 NanEye_C (various)
March 2019 NSE-5310
March 2019 PS021/PS021FN
January 2019 AS3422
January 2019 AS3955A - all versions
January 2019 TMG3993x
November 2018 XF768_LCC_WB_AR_v1.0 FT SE
November 2018 AS2523, AS2524
October 2018 DR16K3.5_Invar_B&W_v4 FT SE, DR16K3.5_Invar_B&W_v5 FT SE
October 2018 EoL_AS11xx_AS13xx_AS17xx_AS349x_AS36xx
October 2018 CMV, CHR and specific variants
October 2018 TMD27453
October 2018 TSL45315CL
September 2018 TMD26711 (26713, 27711,27713) MOD8 LF T&RDP
August 2018 AS3685A/B/C (all versions)
July 2018 Orion 2k image sensor
June 2018 RFD77101 ("Simblee") Modules and related sensor kits
April 2018 pls refer to product list
April 2018 TSL250R, TSL260R, TSL251R, TSL257SM, TSL261R, TSL261RD, TSL252R
April 2018 AS3606, AS3607, AS3608, AS3658
April 2018 TMD37003, TMD37003M
March 2018 AS1372
March 2018 TMD27723INT17
March 2018 TMD37821, TMD37823
February 2018 AS3514, AS3515, AS3517, AS3518, AS3542, AS3543, AS3560
February 2018 AS3647B, AS3648B
January 2018 AS73210 + MMCS6
January 2018 TOF-RFD77402
December 2017 AS7000-AB
December 2017 AS1335_AS1343_AS1344
November 2017 Panel Lighting (please refer to product list)
November 2017 AS3822, AS3823
October 2017 AS5046
September 2017 AS3400, AS3410, AS3420, AS3430, AS3501, AS3502, AS3561
August 2017 AS1369
July 2017 CMV12000HG-1E5M1PA, CMV12000HG-1E5C1PA
July 2017 Naneye_GS
June 2017 AS5030, AS504x, AS530x, AS5311-tube
June 2017 AS5035, AS5163, AS5263, AS5011, AS3931, AS8506C, AS8515, AS8530
June 2017 PTSM 5.1 Sensor
May 2017 TSL230RD, TSL230BRD, TSL12SM
April 2017 AS3977
April 2017 Hydrogen Sensors
April 2017 TDC-TCN1
February 2017 AS3649-ZWLx
February 2017 TSL2561CL
February 2017 TSL various (please refer to product list)
February 2017 TSLxx-FN
January 2017 CCS803 (all versions affected)
January 2017 TSL2562x, TSL2563x, TSL2581x, TSL2583x
December 2016 TSL2581CS
December 2016 ENS products (please refer to product list)
December 2016 NX16 handler platform (please refer to product list)
December 2016 TSL1412S
December 2016 TSL_CT_various (please refer to product list)
October 2016 TCS34xx, TCS31xx
March 2016 AS8501-ASOT
January 2016 AS1801-BTDT
November 2015 AS3525C
October 2015 iAQ-100
September 2015 SL13A ("SAL")
February 2015 AS1120 - AS1161, AS1701 - AS1753, AS1901 - AS1927 (all versions affected)
December 2014 AS1970 - AS1977 (all versions affected)
December 2014 R13MP
November 2014 AS1332 - AS13986 (all versions affected)
October 2014 AS3524, AS3525A, AS3525B
October 2014 AS3990
September 2014 AS1520 - AS1545 (all versions affected)
September 2014 EasyPoint N50P105
August 2014 AS13985 (all versions affected)
August 2014 AS1500 - AS1507 (all versions affected)
August 2014 AS1713 (all versions affected)
May 2014 AS3527A
December 2013 AS1320, AS1321, AS1325
November 2013 TSL1401CS, TSL1401BCS
December 2018 TDC_GPX_FG

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