Lateral Flow Tech Talk at Sensors Innovation Week

2020/11/16 - 2021/06/30

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Watch ams' keynote about Delivering Pandemic Control: How ams innovation in spectral sensing technology is improving rapid access, accuracy, and app-to-cloud connectivity for COVID-19 Control

Watch ams' on-demand Tech Talk with Live Q&A at the Sensors Innovation Week

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ams Keynote with Live Q&A

Delivering Pandemic Control: How ams innovation in spectral sensing technology is improving rapid access, accuracy, and app-to-cloud connectivity for COVID-19 Control

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The capability to do large-scale, fast, and highly reliable testing at the point of care (POC) is key to overcoming the current pandemic situation. ams is driving these efforts forward through developing spectral readout technology for Lateral Flow Immunoassays for antigen (measuring saliva) and antibody (measuring blood) detection. Since its initial development in the 1980s, Lateral Flow Test (LFT) technology has gained wide acceptance because the tests are compact and easy to use in a simple, cost-effective design. Vitally, they provide results within minutes without the need for laboratory equipment. However, their sensitivity as well as the possibility to provide deeper, quantitative results is limited when analyzed by the naked eye.

ams developed a spectral readout module, that addresses these challenges and drawbacks. Through using spectral sensing, LFT test lines can now be objectively measured by a multi-channel sensor with spectral resolution, adding sensitivity and quantitative capabilities to the system without compromise on size, simplicity and fast, point of care results. In addition to improved measurement performance and user handling, the data can be digitized via an app and uploaded to the cloud, and therefore can become part of a pandemic monitoring system.


Keynote speaker: Wim Renirie
VP & General Manager for BL Accessory & Wearable Solutions at ams

Born in the Netherlands, Wim received a PhD in Electrical Engineering from the Technical University in Delft. He holds two US patents. Wim has over 25-years’ experience in the semiconductor industry where he has held positions in development, marketing, and management in the fields of audio and video, analog and digital TV reception, 4G and 5G communication, and WiFi. He has worked with Micronas, Trident and NXP, and joined ams in 2019 as Vice President and General Manager of the Accessory and Wearable Solutions business line, covering innovations and product developments in the area of vital, spectral, and audio sensors.


Jennifer Zhao named Best of Sensor's Woman of the Year

Jennifer Zhao recognized for her global team’s groundbreaking work at ams AG on devices that provide rapid COVID-19 testing.  

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