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POW:COM description

Power & Communication Interface

The POW:COM interface enables concurrent battery charging at up to 150mA and data exchange between a charger cradle, an earpiece and a mobile phone. The interface needs only two pins per device, giving design flexibility and improving the reliability of charging operations. By implementing the POW:COM interface in earbuds, manufacturers can improve the user experience, giving enhanced communication capabilities and convenient charging. Furthermore, no bluetooth component is required in the charging cradle.

Example features:

  • Show battery level of charging box on phone
  • Automatically pair TWS with phone when opening charging case
  • Accessory firmware updates
  • Auto recharge (stop if full, start if uncharged)
  • Detect left/right earbud
  • Auto start-up when opening box (no button to start)

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Datasheet Demo Buy PartNo
AS3447 Accessory charging & communication for smart earbuds I2C WL-CSP36 3.13 x 3.185 x 0.65 AS3447
AS3442 Accessory charging & communication for smart earbuds I2C WL-CSP16 2.25 x 2.25 x 0.6 AS3442