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As a global leader in innovative light and sensor solutions we offer a unique product and technology portfolio for sensing, illumination and visualization:
from high-performance LEDs and lasers to mixed-signal analog ICs and sensors.
ASIC - Development Flow description

ams developed its well-recognized product development flow based on its experience of more than 30 years of designing analog and mixed signal circuits. This flow ensures highest predictability in schedule and cost.

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ASIC - Development Flow - pre-project


2 to 10 weeks



  • Customer submits a request for quotation (RFQ)
  • ams prepares a technical proposal and a commercial quotation
  • The basis for engineering quote describes the technical solution.
    Typically the basis for engineering (BFQ) quote includes: block diagram, key specifications, operating conditions, pin-out, proposed package type and many more
  • Discussions, clarifications and alignment on technical details, followed by an updated quote
  • Customer issues a purchase order 


ams initiates the project upon receipt of purchase order.



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ASIC - Development Flow - design


20 to 50 weeks



  • Cell design, layout and simulation
  • Top level design and verification
  • Top level layout and preparation for PG (pattern generation) tape-out
  • Internal design challenge (internal design review with experts)
  • Design reviews with the customer
  • Test specification development
  • Evaluation preparation (evaluation plan development)



  • Customer approves device specification
  • Customer approves development after design review
  • PG tape-out

Product Transfer
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ASIC - Development Flow - product transfer

Product Transfer

8 to 16 weeks



  • Completion of production test development
  • ESD and latch-up test
  • Dedicated qualification tests as defined in the device specification (e.g. HTOL testing)
  • C-sample temperature characterization
  • C-sample preparation and shipment to the customer
  • Customer verifies C-samples



  • C-sample shipment
  • C-sample approval by the customer


With C-sample approval, the product is formally released for mass production. C-sample approval allows the customer to place first production orders.*

(* for Automotive parts this is only valid after PPAP)

Project planning
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ASIC - Development Flow - project planning

Project Planning

2 to 4 weeks



  • Joint development of device specification (ams & customer)
  • ASIC system design including assessment for
    • Production test
    • ESD protection
    • Manufacturability
    • Qualification concept
    • Packaging
  • Detailed project planning and project set up (e.g. resourcing..)



  • Order entry (project start)
  • Device specification approval by the customer


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ASIC - Development Flow - design verification

Design verfication

4 to 8 weeks



  • Mask and Wafer manufacturing and B-sample assembly
  • Lab evaluation, preparation and B-sample evaluation at ams
  • B-sample verification by the customer
  • Production test development
  • Correlation between lab results and preliminary production test results



  • B-sample shipment
  • B-sample approval by the customer



Product Ramp-up
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ASIC - Development Flow - product ramp-up

Product Ramp-up

approx. 6 months



  • First production lots are evaluated in detail 
  • Corner run manufacturing and characterization
  • Test program optimization
  • Test time and coverage are optimized
  • Dynamic part average tests are defined (e.g. automotive)


Formal project transfer from the engineering to the operations department. Unlimited volume production.