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Ultra-Small Imaging

Ultra-Small Imaging

Image sensors from ams for medical endoscopy are optimized for the smallest possible chip area, to enable their use even in the smallest of spaces.
The ams sensors use very little power and require a minimal number of electrical connections: they need only one power supply and communicate over a single bi-directional serial interface.
With its NanEye series, ams has created an image sensor module which has a volume of only 0.83mm³. The sensor, assembled with a special lens and cover glass, fits in an endoscope with a diameter of <1.1mm, works fully autonomously and can drive signals over a cable length of up to 3m without any external components at the distal end.

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Wafer Level Optics Module

Wafer Level Optics Module

Using a slightly larger footprint of 1 x 1 mm, the camera modules feature a more complex multi element lens. This consists of 3 aspherical surfaces for achieving a corner MTF of  > 50 %, a distortion of only 15% at full field of view and color aberration of less than a pixel.

The wafer level optics (WLO) is done in-house based on dual VIM (vacuum injection molding) process allowing us to adjust the f# numbers (aperture) and optimize the focus to different application needs. Also side wall painting as well as the lens to sensor assembly and testing is set up in-house in an automated flow ensuring highest quality in manufacturing these tiny modules.
The camera module comes with attached cables for medical endoscope applications as well as a surface mount device for consumer and HABA applications.



New image sensor evaluation kits

New Image Sensor Evaluation Kits

The new NanEyeC demo kits are based on popular Arm Cortex M and Cortex A processor platforms.  Both of them include all necessary drivers to interface to the camera module as well as to the reference schematic for fast hardware implementation.

  • NanoBerry Board
    for more demanding operations like eye tracking or stereo vision systems.


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