CES 2021

CES 2021

2021/01/11 - 2021/01/14




Online visitors will experience online demos and learn about our sensor solutions for automotive, mobile, and consumer.

Join us virtually at CES 2021

See our latest innovations in optical sensing solutions for automotive, mobile and consumer at CES 2021. We continue to push the boundaries to create higher performance, intelligent and miniaturized sensors that help create technology for a better lifestyle. Our cutting-edge sensor solutions integrate easily into your roadmaps, and provide a competitive edge for your business, enabling you to build products that do not exist today. 

Experience in our 360-degree virtual showroom market-leading and award-winning sensor solutions that are shaping new applications, like:


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>> Visit our virtual showroom to experience outstanding sensor design to meet your new design requirements. 

iFrame CES 2021 Virtual Showroom



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