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As a global leader in optical solutions we offer a unique product and technology portfolio for sensing, illumination and visualization:
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Technology - Augmented Hearing

Digital ANC - Augmented Hearing

Hear what you want to hear. Digital Augmented Hearing Solutions enable a new era of enhanced wireless earbuds and allow users to tune out ambient noise through market leading Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) performance >40dB and simultaneously tune in speech and music with our natural and boosted transparency modes. Discover how users enjoy their earbuds today, points of differentiation between earbuds, and advances in earbud technology that interest users. Find out more in our earbuds survey.

The technology supports wireless earbuds through ams Automatic Leakage Compensation (ALC) technology. Loose fit earphones are very popular, it is however, very difficult to implement ANC for loose fit earphones as the amount of ambient noise that leaks around the earphone and into the user’s ear is constantly changing. ALC features adaptive filter stages which constantly monitor and compensate for this changing leakage. This unique feature delivers optimized and stable ANC performance no matter how good or bad the fit of the earbuds into the user’s ear. Features like ALC or the Automatic Preset Selection (APS) are enabled by ams unique Augmented Hearing Engine (AHE) which is a tailored Digital Signal Processor (DSP) to meet the low-power requirements of true wireless systems. 

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Technology - Analog Active Noise Cancellation

Analog Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)

ANC technology greatly reduces the level of unwanted noise from the environment, improving the experience of listening to mobile communications and multimedia devices.

Incorporating hybrid ANC technology and zero-latency analog signal processing, an ams ANC IC provides more than 40dB attenuation of unwanted ambient noise inside the headphone’s ear cup. The ams ANC products are monolithic ICs which have a smaller footprint than any competing device on the market. ANC solutions are highly cost effective, and consume less power than any equivalent solution.

The ANC system can be used stand-alone or in connection with a Bluetooth®, USB-C™ or Lightning® codec. The IC’s low power consumption means that all-day operation is easily possible even with small batteries.

Technology - Power and communication interface

Power and communication interface

Bluetooth earphones are gaining popularity and mobile charging for these devices is mandatory. Both, earphones and charger cradle, are equipped with electronics and sensors, but the connection between the charging case and the earphones is typically limited to two wires – ground and power. Without enhancing the capabilities of the two wires only power transfer for charging the battery is possible. 

POW:COM technology extends the functionality of the two wire connection to enable charging and simultaneous communication to the earpiece. The processor inside the charger cradle can request data from the earphone while the charging process is on-going and vice versa.

In order to operate the system two chips per side are necessary

Power and communication interface
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