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AS5270 Magnetic Angular Position Sensor

14-bit high-resolution on-axis magnetic angular position sensor


  • 12-bit resolution @90° minimum arc
  • Low output noise, low inherent INL
  • Magnetic stray field immunity
  • Functional safety, diagnostics, dual redundant chip version
  • AEC-Q100 Grade 0 qualified


  • Resolves small angular excursion with high accuracy
  • Accurate angle measurement
  • Higher durability and lower system costs (no shielding needed)
  • Enabler for safety critical applications
  • Suitable for automotive applications

Product parameters

Resolution [bit] 14
Output Analog ratiometric, PWM or SENT
Max. Speed [rpm]
Overvoltage Protection Yes
Redundant Yes
Supply Voltage [V] 5.0
Temperature Range [°C] -40 to +150
Package MLF-16
Automotive Qualified
Longevity Program January 2031

General description

The AS5270 is a dual-die, high-resolution angular position sensor for precise absolute angle measurement. The AS5270 is available with an analog output interface (AS5270A) or a digital output interface (AS5270B). The latter can be programmed as a PWM or a SENT-compliant output interface.

Based on a Hall sensor technology, this device measures the orthogonal component of the flux density (Bz) over a full turn rotation and compensates for external stray magnetic fields with a robust architecture based on a 14-bit sensor array and analog front-end (AFE). A sub-range can be programmed to achieve the best resolution for the application. To measure the angle, only a simple two-pole magnet rotating over the center of the package is required. The magnet may be placed above or below the device. The absolute angle measurement provides an instant indication of the magnet’s angular position. The AS5270 operates at a supply voltage of 5V, and the supply and output pins are protected against overvoltage up to +20V. In addition the supply pins are protected against reverse polarity up to -20V.

The AS5270A is a stacked dual-chip for high-reliability redundant operation. In this device, two chips are aligned and encapsulated in the same package. Separate pins are provided for each chip, so no electrical fault in the device can affect both chips.

With two decades of magnetic sensor system know-how, we have broad experience in selecting the most suitable magnets. ams experts recommend the following magnet suppliers.

This product suits for the following applications:

  • Brake and gas pedals
  • Throttle valve and tumble flaps
  • Steering angle sensors
  • Chassis ride
  • EGR (exhaust gas recirculation)
  • Fuel level measurement systems
  • 2/4WD switch
  • Contactless potentiometers


Title Category Headline Buy
AS5270AdapterBoard Application Board Adapter Board for AS5270
AS5270SocketBoard Application Board Socket Board for AS5270
RMH05-DK-XX Accessories Rotary Magnetic Holder

Technical documents

Type Description Language
Datasheet AS5270 Datasheet v1-05 English
Application Note AN5000 Magnet Selection Guide v1-04 English
Application Note Tape & Reel Packing Information English

Environmental documents

Type Description Language
RoHS Certificate RoHS Certificate AS5270 English


Type Description Language
Product Change Notification PCN38-2018 (AS50xx, AS51xx, AS52xx, AS54xx, AS8xxx) English

Other information

Type Description Language
Block Diagram AS5270 Block Diagram English
Factsheet Position Sensors Family Overview English
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