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Evaluation Kit for AS5116

General description

The AS5116 Evaluation Kit allows an easy-to-use evaluation on AS5116. The evaluation kit includes the I&PBox (including USB-Stick and cables), AS5116 Adapter Board (including magnet sample), Socket Board, Magnet Holder and 5 AS5516 samples.

Technical documents

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User Guide AS5116 Adapter Board User Guide English
User Guide AS5116 Socket Board User Guide English

Other information

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Image AS5116 Evaluation Kit Contents English
AS5116 Position Sensor – Reference Kit Video

Watch the first steps with AS5116 Evaluation Kit

The magnetic rotary position sensor AS5116 detects the absolute angular orientation of an on-axis two-pole magnet rotating over the center of the IC. The sensor provides the angle information via analog output. With its robustness, immunity against magnetic stray fields and reliability, it is ideal for automotive applications.

The AS5116 Evaluation Kit is an ideal tool for quick evaluation. You can easily test the extensive features of the sensor. The sensor settings can be adapted to your application for doing initial tests and evaluation using the included programmer.

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