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AS3729B Power Management Unit

8A dual-phase power stage (2 x 4A)


  • 2 phases with separate control input
  • Separate power NMOS and PMOS for 4A per phase
  • Stand-alone zero-crossing operation
  • Integrated temperature monitoring
  • WL-CSP16: 1.615mm x 1.615mm, 0.4mm pitch


  • Support for single or dual operation
  • 2 x 4A output stages are running on 2.7MHz
  • Overtemperature protection
  • Cost effective, small package

Product parameters

DC-DC Step Up Converters
DC-DC Step Down Converters 2-phase power stage with 2x4A
Special LDOs [mA]
Universal LDOs [mA]
Current Sinks [mA]
Charge Pump [V/mA]
Audio DAC [dB SNR]
Audio ADC [dB SNR]
Audio Features
General Purpose ADC [bit]
Customizable Startup Sequences
Package WL-CSP16 (1.615 x 1.615)

General Description

The AS3729B is a companion chip for the AS3715/21/22 PMICs containing control circuitry and power FETs for 2 phases. Up to 4 ICs can be used in parallel to achieve 32A drive capability.

Not Recommended for New Designs
ams AG is discontinuing production of this device.

This product suits for the following applications:

  • Mobile phones
  • Tablets
  • Notebooks


Title Category Headline Buy
AS3715EvalKit Application Board Evaluation Kit for AS3715

Technical Documents

Type Description Language
Datasheet Document version 1-03 English


Type Description Language
EoL Notification WITHDRAWAL of EOL for AS3729B-BWLT and AS3729B-BWLM (issued 2020-Jan) English
EoL Notification AS252x, AS36xx, AS37xx_AS3956 (issued 2019-Sep) English

Other Information

Type Description Language
Block Diagram AS3729B Block Diagram English
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