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AS3716 Power Management Unit

3 buck DC-DC, 2 buck controller, 8 LDOs, 2 boost converters, general purpose ADC


  • OTP programmable boot sequence
  • DC-DC controller for remote power generation and heat distribution
  • Dual charger power path and DC-DC charger mode
  • HDMI boost, backlight boost and HV current sinks
  • 4MHz DC-DC bucks, supervisor, general purpose IOs, ADC


  • Flexible and fast adaptation to different processors/applications
  • Compact design due to small coils
  • JEITA charger temperature supervision
  • Single or dual-phase controller to adjust efficiency
  • Multi-feature, small footprint

Product parameters

DC-DC Step Up Converters 1x general purpose (voltage or current output)
DC-DC Step Down Converters 2A + 2x1A + 2x8A \ 4A configurable
Special LDOs [mA] ANA-4x250
Universal LDOs [mA] 4x300
Current Sinks [mA] 3x40
Charge Pump [V/mA] 5 / 60
Audio DAC [dB SNR]
Audio ADC [dB SNR]
Audio Features
General Purpose ADC [bit] 10
Charger 1.5A linear/DC-DC dual input
Customizable Startup Sequences Programmable
Package CSP-99, 0.4mm pitch

General description

The AS3716 is a compact system PMU supporting two Li-ion batteries and up to 15 power rails.

The device offers advanced power management functions. All necessary ICs and peripherals in a battery-powered mobile device are supplied by the AS3716. It features 3 DC-DC buck converters, two DC-DC buck controller, a 5V HDMI booster, a HV backlight boost controller with 3 current sinks as well as 8 LDOs (4 low noise).

AS3716 contains a linear or switch mode Li-ion battery charger with constant current and constant voltage operation.

Not Recommended for New Designs
ams-OSRAM AG is discontinuing production of this device. Final lifetime buy order must be placed by June 30, 2021. Please contact your local sales representative for further information.

This product suits for the following applications:

  • Digital still cameras
  • Outdoor action cameras
  • Digital movie cameras
  • General Li-ion battery-powered mobile devices


Type Description Language
EoL Notification AS1xxx, AS25xx, AS3xxx, AS73211, AS89020, SL900A, TMD4704 (issued 2020-Dec) English

Other information

Type Description Language
Block Diagram AS3716 Block Diagram English
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