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AS3688 Lighting Management Unit

Flexible lighting management, charge pump, DC-DC step-up, current sink, ADC, LDO


  • High-efficiency DC-DC step-up converter
  • High-efficiency high-power charge pump
  • Supports up to 12 current sinks
  • PWM generation and LED pattern generator


  • Up to 25V/50mA for white LEDs
  • CP output current up to 400mA / 900mA pulsed
  • 2 high voltage current sinks
  • Autonomous logarithmic up/down dimming

Product parameters

# of Current Sinks [HV] 2
- [LV] 7
CP [Max. I (mA)] 900
DC-DC [Max. I (mA)] Controller
Max. Vled [V] Controller
Features [LDOs (#)] 2
- [Auto ALS]
- [DLS]
- [RGB Pattern] Yes
- [Dimming] Yes
- [Auto-In]
- [LED Test] Yes
Flash [Support] Yes
- [Max. I (mA)] 900
Package QFN-32 (5x5)-0.5

General Description

The AS3688 is a highly-integrated CMOS power and lighting management unit to supply power to LCD and camera modules in mobile phones. The device incorporates one low power, low-dropout regulator (LDO), one DC-DC step-up converter for white backlight LEDs, one high-power charge pump for camera flash LEDs, support for up to 11 current sinks, a two-wire serial interface, and control logic all onto a single device.

This product suits for the following applications:

  • Mobile phones
  • Portable DVD / TV player
  • Portable learning toys
  • Portable navigation devices
  • Portable medical consumer devices

Technical Documents

Type Description Language
Datasheet Document version 1.1.1 English
Datasheet Document version 1.1.1 English

Other Information

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Block Diagram AS3688 Block Diagram English

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