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AS3676 Lighting Management Unit

Flexible lighting management unit with charge pump, DC-DC, 13 current sinks, ALS, DLS, audio sync and LDO

Product parameters

# of Current Sinks [HV] 3

General Description

The AS3676 is a highly-integrated CMOS power and lighting management unit for mobile phones. The AS3676 incorporates one DC-DC step-up converter for white backlight LEDs, one high-power charge pump, 13 current sinks, LED in-circuit function test, a charge pump serial interface, and control logic all onto a single device.

Not Recommended for New Designs
ams AG is discontinuing production of this device.


Type Description Language
Software Eval SW 1v10 English
Software Setup English

Technical Documents

Type Description Language
Datasheet Document version 1v1-4 English
Application Note 9 LED series configuration English
Application Note Tablet applications English
Application Note Selection Guide English
User Guide Demo board English


Type Description Language
EoL Notification AS252x, AS36xx, AS37xx_AS3956 (issued 2019-Sep) English

Other Information

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Block Diagram AS3676 Block Diagram English
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