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AS1106 LED Driver IC

8x8 matrix LED driver IC


  • Up to 64 LEDs in an 8x8 matrix
  • 4-bit PWM and resistor current control per matrix
  • BCD decoder


  • Drive high LED count very easily
  • Brightness adjustment of the matrix
  • Allows decoding for 7-segment LEDs

Product parameters

Output [#] 64
LED Current per Output [mA] 5
Features Multiplexed
Error Detection
LED-to-LED Matching [%] 3
Supply Voltage [V] 2.7 to 5.5
Package SOIC-24

General Description

The AS1106 is a SPI interfaced, dot-matrix LED driver IC for a 8x8 LED matrix or 8 7-segment LEDs. It includes a 4-bit PWM for the entire matrix and an external resistor can be used for analog current adjustment up to 40mA.

Not Recommended for New Designs
ams AG is discontinuing production of this device. Final lifetime buy order must be placed by June 30, 2021. Please contact your local sales representative for further information.

This product suits for the following applications:

  • White goods
  • Public information displays
  • Personal electronics

Technical Documents

Type Description Language
Datasheet Document version 2.29 English
User Guide Demo board English

Environmental Documents

Type Description Language
Material Declaration Form MDF_174970077_AS1106WE-T English
Material Declaration Form MDF_174970077_AS1106WE English
Material Declaration Form MDF_174970076_AS1106WL-T English
Material Declaration Form MDF_174970076_AS1106WL English


Type Description Language
EoL Notification AS1xxx, AS25xx, AS3xxx, AS73211, AS89020, SL900A, TMD4704 (issued 2020-Dec) English

Other Information

Type Description Language
Block Diagram AS1106_AS1107 Block Diagram English
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