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3D sensing is everywhere- see how ams is driving 3D into the industrial, building automation, automotive, AR/VR and computing space.

3D Sensing Technology

ams has helped make 3D sensing technology famous in the mobile industry. This technology, once reserved for face recognition in high-end mobile phones, is becoming more pervasive, has multiple uses and is emerging in some of the most disruptive and fast-growing industries globally, such as mobile, robotics, building automation, and automotive.

A Leader in Optical Sensing

As a leader in optical sensing, ams is shaping this rapidly growing field of 3D sensors with a portfolio and system expertise in all three approaches: structured light (SL), time-of-flight (ToF), and active stereo vision (ASV), for front-facing and world-facing applications.

We want to showcase our short demo tour on 3D sensor solutions to you – filmed at CES in Las Vegas in January – as a video (2:35). ams FAE Jim Archibald will take you on a tour of the ams demo showcase on how 3D sensing has moved from the consumer world to industry, building automation, enhancing AR/VR applications, enhanced photography and can even be used for secure payment. Our video highlights the following demos:




Our higher performance, intelligent and miniaturized sensors help create technology for a better lifestyle. ams cutting-edge sensor solutions integrate easily into your roadmaps, and provide a competitive edge for your business, enabling you to build products that do not exist today. Want to know more?
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