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About future mega trends

Our CEO Alexander Everke talks to Alix Paultre of EETimes about the ams optical, imaging and audio sensor solutions in fast-growing markets – from smartphones, mobile devices, automotive and connected vehicles to smart homes and buildings, industrial automation, medical and health technology.

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Electronica Aftershow - Medical Sensing

Mobile & Consumer

Electronica Aftershow - Machine Vision

Industrial & Machine Vision

  • Watch demo: Our Area Scan Sensors range from 0.3 to 50 megapixels  and our Line Scan Sensors from 2 - 15k and more
  • New environmental sensor solutions measuring gas, humidity and temperature
  • CMOS image sensors for machine vision applications

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Shaping the World with Sensor Solutions.



Leading manufacturers around the globe rely on ams’ sensing know-how for advanced systems design. For ams, “Sensing is Life” and our passion is in creating the sensor solutions that make devices smarter, safer, convenient and more environment-friendly. 


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