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China Electronic Market (CEM) Editor’s Choice Awards 2017

ams won the “Most Competitive Electronic Product for Automotive in China in 2017” award with the AS5147P high-speed rotary position sensor.



Austria's Leading Company 2017                             

ams was elected as Austria's Leading Company 2017 in the category market cap (increase in value).


Product of the Year                                        

ams' spectral sensors AS7261 and AS7262 named 2017 Product of the Year by Electronic Products magazine.


EDN Hot 100 Products                     


ams' spectral sensors AS7261 and AS7262 named in EDN’s Hot 100 Products of the year sensors category.

The AS7220 Smart Lighting Manager made the list in the secion LED category.

LFI Innovation Awards®                                

ams won the Judges’ Citation Award for the AS7221 smart lighting manager with special recognition at judges’ discretion. The LFI Innovation Awards® highlight the industry’s most innovative products and designs.


Austria's Leading Companies 2016                            

ams was elected as regional winner of Austria's Leading Companies 2016 in the category "Big Player".                                   




ECN Impact Award                                                                                           

ams' AS7000 won the 2016 ECN IMPACT Awards! The ECN IMPACT Awards recognize the top products and services across the design engineering landscape.                                                                                                                                                                                     


Innovation Award 2016                                   

ams won the Innovation Award 2016 by elettronica news for it's AS7211, an IoT Smart Daylighting Manager in the category LED & Lighing.             

Électrons d’Or 2016                    

ams won an Électrons d'Or award by ElectroniqueS for the AS7000 in the category sensors.                  


Best of Sensors Expo 2016                   

ams won silver level in the innovation award category for the NanEye 2D, fully digital camera head.


Staatspreis Innovation 2016                  

ams to win Austrian Innovation Award with the gesture sensor TMG399x. This award is sponsored by the Austrian ministry of science, research and economics. 


Product of the Year 2016             

ams' air quality sensors ranked second in the category sensors.


Auto Electronic Innovation Product   

ams won the award Auto Electronic Innovation Product for the 47 series magnetic position sensors in China.




ECSEL Innovation Award                                                                      

The E2SG project was awarded with the ECSEL Innovation Award at the European Nanoelectronics Forum in Berlin. ams together with 28 leading European companies and academic institutions out of 9 European countries worked together on this 3 years project.

The ECSEL Innovation Award is given by the European Commission to reward the most innovative idea developed among FP7 projects.


Product of the Year Award from Electronic Products            

The editors of Electronic Products have selected the AS7000 biosensor and the AS721x Autonomous Daylighting Manager as the 2015 Products of the Year! 


EDN Hot 100 products                                                        

The AS-MLV-P2 MEMS gas sensor and the TMx4903 optical sensor modules named in EDN’s Hot 100 Products of the year sensors category.

The AS7211 & AS7221 smart lighting manager ICs made the list in the section Optoelectronics & Lighting Control category.

The NFC system reference design, combining the AS39230 boostedNFC analog front-end IC and the ST21NFCC NFC controller and ST33G1M2 secure microcontroller from STMicroelectronics, were selected in the category Development Kits, CAD/CAM.




Elektra Awards 2015                                                                 

ams won the 2015 Elektra Awards being the Company of the Year and Semiconductor Product of the Year: Analogue with its TMG399x Gesture Sensor.


CDP Best Improver Austria 2015 Award           

ams received an excellent rating in this year’s CDP Climate Change Report 2015 covering 350 of the biggest companies in the DACH region listed on the stock exchange. 
With an improvement of 31 points compared to last year ams rated Best Improver.


Robotics Business Review Game Changer Awards

ams' AS5048 position sensors were selected best motion control solution at the Game Changer Awards.


Fabrik 2015 Award                       

ams to win the award being most efficient factory in Austria 2015 in the category companies up to 5000 employees.


Best of Sensors Expo 2015

ams won the “Best of Sensors Expo Award” in the category Innovation for the 47 series position sensors.                           



Best Innovation Award for Emerging Payments

ams won the award for Emerging Payments for AS39230 BoostedNFC Analog Front End which offers a breakthrough solution for secure NFC mobile payments by delivering unparalleled NFC performance even in devices with room for only a tiny antenna.


Product of the Year 2015

ams' TMG399x touchless gesture sensor family ranked third in the category sensors.


Oppo Award

ams awarded "Partner of Excellence" by OPPO


EDN Hot 100

EDN editors and readers chose the AS5600 12-bit magnetic position sensor among the “Hot 100 products in the sensor industry”.


Electronica 2014 Top10                                     

ams' TMG399x touchless gesture sensor family was ranked number one.                




Austria's Leading Companies 2014

ams was elected as regional winner of Austria's  2014 Leading Companies


Euro ID Award 2014               

ams won the 2014 ID award in the RFID Technology and Application category 


Elektronik Industrie - product of the month May 2014

The journal "elektronik industrie" has chosen the TDC-GP30, an ultrasonic flow converter of acam, member of the ams group, as product of the month in May 2014.


Best of Sensors Expo 2014                                       

ams won the 2014 Gold Innovation “Best of Sensors Expo” award for SL900A “EPC Sensor Tag and Data Logger IC”




Elektronik Industrie - product of the month in Feburary 2014

The journal "elektronik industrie" has chosen the TDC-GP30, an ultrasonic flow converter of acam, member of the ams group, as product of the month in Feburary 2014.


ECN Impact Award 2014                      

acam, a member of the ams group, is proud to be award winner with the product PCap02, a versatile and high performance sytem on chip solution for capacitive sensors. PCap02 is one of the three winners (besides a Linear Technology and Inphi chip) of the category Integrated Circuits.


Top 500 Companies in Austria

ams ranks second in the yearly Austrian Top 500 R&D spending, ranked by