AS6500 Time-to-Digital Converter

4-channel TDC with CMOS inputs


  • 4 stop channels with 20 ns pulse-to-pulse spacing
    2 combined channels with 5 ns pulse-to-pulse spacing
  • Maximum 1.5 MSPS via SPI
  • Single shot accuracy 20 ps RMS resolution per channel, 10 ps RMS with high resolution option
  • Unlimited measuring range 0s to 16s
  • Differential reference clock input 2 MHz to 12.5 MHz, optional with quartz
  • Inputs CMOS level, 16-stage FIFO per channel, readout with SPI, used also for configuration
  • Automatic calibration to reference clock
  • Supply voltage 3.3 V
  • Power dissipation 60 mW, standby current 60 μA
  • QFN40 package (6 mm × 6 mm)


  • Simple data post-processing thanks to calibrated results
  • Event assignment thanks to reference clock
  • Index simplifies coincidence measurements
  • Easy pulse width measurements
  • High efficiency thanks to high sample rate
  • Compact design thanks to small package and low number of external components
  • Reduced cooling thanks to low power consumption

Product parameters

Channels 4
Inputs CMOS
Resolution [ps] 20
Pulse-Pair Resolution [ns] 20
Measurement Rate [MSPS] 1.5
Multi-Hit Capability Yes
Operating Supply Range [V] 3.3
Interface SPI
Ambient Temperature Range [°C] -40 to 125
Package QFN40

General Description

The AS6500 is a high performance time-to-digital converter
(TDC) frontend device. It is a derivative of TDC-GPX2, with
CMOS inputs and serial SPI output only. It comes in a QFN40
package. AS6500 achieves high measurement performance
and high data throughput. High configuration flexibility and
unlimited measurement range cover many applications, ranging
from portable handheld laser range equipment to ambitious
time-of-flight measurements of high performance. It calculates
calibrated stop measurements, referenced to the applied
reference clock. Combinations of single shot accuracy of 10ps
with lowest pulse-to-pulse spacing <5ns and maximum data
input burst rate of 70 MSPS per stop input are possible. Total
data throughput via SPI is about 1.5 MSPS.

This product suits for the following applications:

  • Time-of-Flight Measurement
  • Drones
  • Laser Rangefinders


Title Category Headline Buy
AS6500-QF_DK Application Board Development Kit for AS6500

Technical Documents

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Datasheet AS6500 4-Channel Time-to-Digital Converter English

Environmental Documents

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RoHS Certificate RoHS Certificate AS6500 English

Other Information

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Block Diagram AS6500 Blockdiagram English
Factsheet Knowing Position with High Accuracy English

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