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Keychain Reference Design for AS3935

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Fast moving storms with lightning pose a serious threat to personal safety when shelter is not nearby. Now, with the invention of the Franklin Lightning Sensor™ IC, truly portable lightning detectors can be the size of a keychain and operate for months with a coin cell battery. The introduction of the new Franklin Keychain reference design demonstrates the full capabilities of the device in a fully functional small keychain form factor. Such a kit can enable developers to integrate the lightning sensing capability into multiple applications.  In fact, the highly integrated AS3935 from ams can be used for easier integration into portable products such as GPS, weather stations, fish finders, golfing equipment, standalone keychain and many other battery powered consumer electronic devices. Key Features: - Self contained small form factor, lightning sensor keychain - Audible and visual indication of distance to head of storm (near, 5, 10, 20, 40km & Far) - Power ON/OFF button - Battery level indicator - Replaceable coin cell battery Key Benefits: - Demonstrates small size and low power capable keychain lightning sensor - Fully operational keychain reference design - Quick time to market through easy adoption of keychain design - Full reference code, schematics and board files available - Suitable for a variety of small form factor, portable applications

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