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AS3687XM Lighting Management Unit

Flexible lighting management unit with charge pump, DC-DC, 7 current sinks, audio sync, ADC, LDO


  • High-efficiency DC-DC step-up converter
  • High-efficiency low-noise charge pump
  • Seven fully programmable current sinks
  • Audio can be used to drive RGB LED


  • Up to 25V/50mA for white LEDs
  • Output current up to 100mA, efficiency up to 95%
  • 3 high voltage current sinks
  • RGB color and brightness is dependent on audio input amplitude

Product parameters

# of Current Sinks [HV] 3
- [LV] 3
CP [Max. I (mA)] 150
DC-DC [Max. I (mA)] Controller
Max. Vled [V] Controller
Features [LDOs (#)]
- [Auto ALS]
- [DLS]
- [RGB Pattern] Yes
- [Dimming] Yes
- [Auto-In] Yes
- [LED Test] Yes
Flash [Support] Yes
- [Max. I (mA)] 320
Package WL-CSP20 (2x2.5)-0.5

General Description

The AS3687XM is a highly-integrated CMOS lighting management unit for mobile phones. The AS3687XM incorporates one DC-DC step-up converter for white backlight LEDs, one low noise charge pump for indicator- or RGB- LEDs, LED test circuit (production test of the soldered LEDs at the customer site), seven current sinks, a two-wire serial interface, and control logic all onto a single device. The AS3687XM has an audio input to control one or two RGB LEDs.

This product suits for the following applications:

  • Mobile phones
  • Portable DVD / TV player
  • Portable learning toys
  • Portable navigation devices
  • Portable medical consumer devices


Name Type Description Language Software Eval SW 2v01 English

Technical Documents

Name Type Description Version Language
AS34xx_AS36xx_MobileBacklight_AN000107_1-00.pdf Application Note Selection Guide 1-00 English
AS3687XM_BD000275_1-00.png Block Diagram AS3687XM Block Diagram 1-00 English
AS3687_DS000363_3-00.pdf Datasheet Document version 3-05 (AS3687, AS3687XM) 3-00 English
AS11xx_AS13xx_AS17xx_AS349x_AS36xx_EN000160_1-00.pdf EoL Notification AS11xx_AS13xx_AS17xx_AS349x_AS36xx (issued 2018-Oct) 1-00 English

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