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AS1364 Linear Regulator

1A ultra-low dropout linear regulator


  • 1000mA output from 1.2V to 5V
  • 35µA quiescent


  • High power, small footprint
  • Long battery life

Product parameters

Output [#] 1
Accuracy [%] ±0.75
Output Current [mA] 1000
Feature Low noise
Output Voltage [V] 1.2 to 5.3
Dropout Voltage @ Max. Current [mV] 200
Supply Current [µA] 35
Supply Voltage [V] 2.0 to 5.5
Package TDFN-8 (3x3)

General Description

The AS1364 is a single 1A linear voltage regulator with 35µA quiescent current. The devide operates off 2V to 5.5V input and generates an output voltage between 1.2V and 5V.

This product suits for the following applications:

  • Laptops
  • PDAs
  • Portable audio devices
  • Mobile phones
  • Cordless phones
  • And any other battery-operated portable device as well as µC or µP supply


Title Category Headline Buy
AS1364EvalKit Application Board Evaluation Kit for AS1364
AS1364EvalKit18 Application Board Evaluation Kit 18 for AS1364
AS1364EvalKit45 Application Board Evaluation Kit 45 for AS1364

Technical Documents

Name Type Description Version Language
AS1364_BD000355_1-00.png Block Diagram AS1364 Block Diagram 1-00 English
AS1364_DS000205_1-00.pdf Datasheet Document version 1.8 1-00 English
AS1364_PD000394_1-00.png Other Product Document AS1364EvalKit Image 1-00 English
AS1364_PD000395_1-00.png Other Product Document AS1364EvalKit18 Image 1-00 English
AS1364_PD000396_1-00.png Other Product Document AS1364EvalKit45 Image 1-00 English
AS1364_UG000155_1-00.pdf User Guide Demo board 1-00 English

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