Having started 20 years ago in the automotive market, ams sensors can be found in almost all of today’s cars. We focus on advanced sensing solutions for autonomous driving and vehicle power train electrification. Our solutions range from magnetic sensors for electric motors to sensors for driver assistance systems. Our sensors are a key element of future’s safe and energy–efficient cars.

Automotive solutions - autonomous driving - sensing

Smart Health Sensing

Optical sensing technologies from ams provide for accurate detection and measurement of a wide range of biometric parameters. Integrated modules from ams enable the development of wearable medical devices for continuous health monitoring, low-dose medical scanners, new connected forms of personal medical appliances, and point-of-care diagnostic equipment.  

Smart Health Sensing

Machine Vision

Machine vision applications which require the highest resolution and image quality were once the preserve of proven CCD image sensor technology.


More recently, advances in CMOS image sensor design and fabrication have brought these devices’ image quality up to a similar standard to that of CCD image sensors, while offering important advantages that CCD technology cannot: low power consumption, integration of digital functions and high data rates.


By advancing our state of the art CMOS image sensing, ams is able to offer unprecedented levels of performance and quality, leading to an ever wider adoption of CMOS technology in machine vision systems.

Machine Vision - CMOS image sensing

Mobile & Wearables

The development of ultra-low power and low-noise silicon devices for imaging and for environmental, optical and audio sensing is giving manufacturers new opportunities to extend the range of functions and applications that mobile products address.


Smartphones, smart watches, smart wristbands and other personal products are becoming the connected hubs for functions such as health and fitness tracking and air quality monitoring. These same products’ performance and security are enhanced by features such as ambient light sensing and user face recognition.


These and many other applications are enabled by the latest mobile sensor technologies from ams.


Mobile and Wearables - optical and audio sensing


With the availability of full-HD resolution displays now shipping in laptop mobile computing platforms, the need for adjusting not only the screen brightness level has been surpassed to adjust the white-point of the display as well. High-accuracy XYZ color sensors enable these high resolution emissive displays to shift their white point to match the color temperature of the ambient light – allowing the display text to be readable similar to that of printed paper and thus improving a user’s experience.

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