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Ultrasonic Flow Sensing Module

General Description

The flow sensing module IA-UWM-2-GP30-DN20 from Chinese metering equipment manufacturer iESLabs, is based on the ams TDC-GP30 ultrasonic flow sensor chip. The TDC-GP30 performs precise timing measurements and calculates accurate flow measurements based on the transmission time of ultrasonic signals in moving water. The IA-UWM-2-GP30-DN20 ultrasonic flow sensor unit is comprised of ultrasonic transducers and a spool piece assembled alongside a TDC-GP30 in a robust enclosure. The release of the module provides meter manufacturers with a ready-made, calibrated ultrasonic sensing unit which offers proven flow measurement performance, saving them the need to develop their own ultrasonic sen-sor technology and reducing the time to market for new ultrasonic water meter products.

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