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AS5900 CT Detector Interface

128-channel low noise current-to-digital converter


  • Flexible configuration to get the optimized operation point in your application
  • Adjustable full scale range, resolution, integration time and power consumption
  • High speed LVDS data interface
  • On board voltage reference and temperature sensor


  • Ultra-low noise down to 3200 electrons for a full-scale range up to 1µA
  • Very fast integration time down to 50µs
  • High linearity of ±250ppm of reading ±1ppm of FSR
  • Very low power dissipation down to 1mW/channel
  • Up to 26-bit resolution

Product parameters

Applications Medical, industrial and security X-ray scanner
Primary Function Current-to-digital Converter
Channels 128
Resolution [bit] 26
Input Related Noise 0.51 fC
Min. Power Consumption [mW per Channel] 1
Min. Integration Time / Line Time [µs] 50
Package FBGA248 (10mm x 10mm)

General Description

The AS5900 device is a low noise, 128-channel current-to-digital converter that enables the readout of the photodiodes with highest sensitivity. High-resolution CT imaging can be achieved up to 26-bits resolution. Its 128-low-noise and high linear converter channels provide an increased gray scale, improved contrast and reduce artifacts of 3D CT images. The low power consumption of 1mW per channel reduces self-heating effects and the overall power consumption of the system. An integrated temperature sensor allows the calibration of temperature drifts of the X-ray detector modules.

This product suits for the following applications:

  • Medical, industrial and security CT scanner data acquisition
  • Multi-channel sensors with current output (i.e. photodiode arrays)
  • DAS (data acquisition system) for current input


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AS5900EvalBoard Application Board Evaluation Board for AS5900


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Evaluation Software AS5900_EvalSW_UserGuide-UG000328-NDA_v2-0-0.pdf AS5900 EvalKit User Guide EN

Technical Documents

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Special Datasheet AS5900 Short Datasheet English

Environmental Documents

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RoHS Certificate RoHS Certificate_AS5900 English


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Product Change Notification PCN38-2018 (AS5900) English

Other Information

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Block Diagram AS5900 Block Diagram English
Factsheet High resolution CT imaging English
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