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  • Intern

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  • The group INS, Imagine New Sensors, is an innovation group within ams based in the High Tech Campus, Eindhoven. This group deals with research and development of new, disruptive sensor based applications and has labs for performing optical, electronics and basic chemical measurements on small system-on-chip devices. We have a graduation project / Internship opportunity for a hybrid sensor chip validation project.
  • For this, an automated measurement framework, working 24/7, needs to be developed using NI Labview drivers and Python to configure the chip and lab equipment, execute a test under predetermined conditions and log the readings from the chip. This will be followed by extensive investigation into the measurement results to determine characteristics of the sensor IC which are vital for the application.
  • The candidate will have the opportunity to develop a novel data extraction algorithm to get the best reading from the chip under all circumstances.
  • What we would like you to do during the Internship:
  • Gain an understanding of the optical components used to generate controlled amounts of light and adapt it for measuring the chip and of the currently used validation framework and adapt it for measuring the chip
  • Create a framework using NI Labview drivers to control lab & optical equipment using the PC.
  • Develop new Python test cases, use them in combination with the Labview drivers to measure, and log the chip readings. Add the python test cases to a regression framework so that the measurements can be automated and executed 24/7 over several chip samples and log all the data in an easy to read format.
  • Develop either Python or Matlab code to extract characteristics from the chip and generate a detailed report for comparison over different samples.
  • Investigate algorithms to get the best reading from the chip under all circumstances and prove it by hardware and/or software implementation.

Your education and experiences

  • Understanding of NI Labview & Python, Matlab is a plus
  • Currently studying Bachelor/Masters in Physics, Electrical or Embedded Systems Engineering.
  • Ability to perform statistical relevant analysis/presentation (e.g. Minitab) is a plus
  • Capable of working in an organized and structured way.
  • Excellent communication skills in English.
  • Taking initiative, self-starter and open attitude to quickly learn and implement.
  • In order to validate the chip, tests are carried out using lab equipment such as power supplies, source meters, frequency generator, etc., along with optical equipment to generate controlled & known amount of photons

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