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Staff Engineer, Test Development

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Research & Development

Working time

  • Master/Bachelor (student) Thesis

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Your tasks and responsibilities

  • Develop VCSEL and illuminator test methodology and test equipment for entire product lifecycle at different phases of build
  • Perform activities for the development, characterization, and implementation of new test equipment, probe cards, jigs and fixtures, test concepts, methods, programs and systems integration into production
  • Define equipment requirements and specifications used in the manufacture, fabrication and evaluation of VCSEL & illumination devices
  • Ensure the optimal application of technology to meet product development and/or customer requirement. Develop probecard, fixtures, jigs and test equipment for sensor & illuminator testing including test handler and tester perspective
  • Define and develop test program and optimization to meet product development and/or customers requirement
  • Liaise and support customers on all test related subjects
  • Recommend and prepare changes, additions, and modifications which will optimize processes, enhance yields, reduce costs and improve the manufacture of product / processes
  • Ensure compliance with all relevant internal procedures, policies, documentation and quality system
  • Technical lead in a diverse team environment that includes interactions with suppliers, internal and external customers, as well as production personnel

Your education and experiences

  • In-depth knowledge of Optical Testing methodology and software, particularly on LED/VCSEL testing and image processing
  • Ability to develop simple optical test bench, starting from the test specifications. Choose instruments/equipment, decide how to connect and interface them, write the test program
  • Ability to develop sw tools (applications) with Graphical User Interface to deploy to the production line
  • Possess the ability to define problems collects data, establish facts, and draw valid conclusions
  • Ability to condition, acquire, process and analyze images and signals
  • In-depth knowledge of Microsoft Excel
  • Good knowledge of VisualBasic or VBA (or an equivalent Microsoft Software Development Platform), and able to develop sw tool to save / extract data from worksheet and Database
  • Optics & optoelectronics knowledge
  • LabView Vision package knowledge

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