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최신 이벤트

ams는 아래와 같은 무역박람회, 세미나, 이벤트에서 만나볼 수 있습니다.

2016/01/06 - 2016/01/09 Las Vegas, United States of America

CES 2016

Conference programming at CES offers the opportunity to engage with experts in fields as diverse as 3D printing, content monetization and sensor technology.

2016/01/13 - 2016/01/16 Tokyo, Japan


CarEle is Asia’s leading exhibition specialized in Automotive Electronics and therefore the best place to meet automotive engineers from all over the world. ams’ sensor experts are looking forward to getting in touch with you and discussing latest developments and innovations.

2016/01/14 - 2016/01/15 Shanghai, China

Global Industrial Robot Summit

The third Global Industrial Robot Summit focuses on the reality of China's industrial robot industry, covering the topics of common interest for the insiders, such as core component technology, system integration, end user application market and future development trend.

2016/02/10 - 2016/02/12 Munich, Germany

Elektronik-Systeme im Automobil

Decision makers and global player in the electronic industry will talk about the latest developments and trends in the automotive sector.