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ams는 아래와 같은 무역박람회, 세미나, 이벤트에서 만나볼 수 있습니다.

2016/10/12 - 2016/10/13 Premstaetten, Austria

4th Dialogue for Global Innovation on "Technology and Humanity"

The symposium will discuss the relationship between technology and humanity.

2016/10/12 - 2016/10/13 Changsha, China


The CSIA-ICCAD 2016 Annual Conference & Changsha IC Industry Innovation and Development Summit takes place in Changsha. ICCAD's goal and responsibility is to grasp opportunities and focus on the importance, to strengthen the innovation, to upgrade the enterprises' developing environment, and to realize IC industry’s great-leap-forward.

2016/10/17 - 2016/10/19 Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Qualcomm 4G/5G Summit

The Qualcomm 3G/4G Summit is highlighting 5G, connectivity, IoT and the connected world, featuring wireless leader keynotes, breakout sessions, information on the latest and greatest in technology.

2016/10/19 Villach, Austria


Austrochip is an annual meeting and platform to present the latest activities in the field of microelectronics and integrated circuits in Austria and neighboring countries.

2016/10/25 - 2016/10/26 San Francisco, United States of America

Image Sensors Americas

Image Sensors focuses on technical aspects of image sensors, placing the innovations and technology in a business context

2016/11/08 - 2016/11/10 Stuttgart, Germany

Vision 2016

The VISION is the world's leading fair for image processing. The imaging industry is presenting products and service range from sensor to processor, from cables to camera, from the software to the lighting system.

2016/11/08 - 2016/11/11 Munich, Germany


electronica is the leading international trade fair for the electronics industry.

2016/11/14 - 2016/11/17 Dusseldorf, Germany


COMPAMED is the leading international trade fair for medical supplier and product development.

2016/11/15 - 2016/11/17 Barcelona, Spain

European Utility Week

The European Utility week is an international platform connecting the smart utility community, for example focusing on developments in IoT, Smart Homes, Smart Cities and Smart Metering.