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ams는 아래와 같은 무역박람회, 세미나, 이벤트에서 만나볼 수 있습니다.

2017/09/26 - 2017/09/28 Bregenz, Austria

LED professional Symposium +Expo

Europe’s leading lighting technologies event dealing with the design, testing and production of LED/OLED lighting systems, controls and equipment.

2017/09/26 - 2017/09/28 Bregenz, Austria

Trends in Lighting

Trends in Lighting (TiL) is the new annual, international  Smart Lighting Forum & Show which highlights business opportunities, market developments and latest technologies. 

2017/09/27 - 2017/09/28 Santa Clara, United States of America


RoboBusiness is the international gathering place for professionals who want to create business advantage with robotics. 

2017/10/10 - 2017/10/12 Essen, Germany

Lighting Technology

Lighting technology provides an overview of the complete market for technologies, components and systems for the intelligent lighting sector.

2017/11/13 - 2017/11/16 Duesseldorf, Germany


COMPAMED is an international trade fair for the medical supplier industry and product development

2017/11/15 Arnsberg, Germany

LED - Light for you Workshop

Network workshop for LED lighting technology.

2017/11/15 - 2017/11/16 London, United Kingdom

Strategies in Light Europe

Strategies in Light Europe (SILE) is the leading conference and exhibition addressing the interests of those associated with the manufacture, development and application of lighting technologies.