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The ideal process technologies for your needs

ams provides a variety of production proven and industry standard process technologies. The core technologies consist of 0.18µm, 0.35µm and 0.80µm digital and mixed signal CMOS, High-Voltage CMOS and BICMOS processes. As all base processes are compatible with major semiconductor manufacturers, alternative sourcing can be accommodated at minimal effort.


Process roadmap

ams is demonstrating its industry leadership in the area of analog and mixed signal wafer manufacturing with a broad range of specialty processes. The special process features and available optimized devices support highly efficient product designs and high performance.

Process longevity

Do you want your products to be available in 15 years from now?


The ams specialty CMOS process portfolio includes a 0.18µm, 0.35µm and a 0.80µm CMOS process family.

Low Noise CMOS

ams' High Performance Analog Low Noise CMOS process (“A30”) provides superior noise performance and is realized as an optical shrink by a factor of 0.9 from ams’ advanced 0.35µm High-Voltage CMOS process family.

High Voltage CMOS

Our high voltage process platform supporting 0.18µm, 0.35µm und 0.80µm processes is optimized for complex mixed signal circuits up to 120V operating conditions.


ams' BiCMOS and SiGe-BiCMOS processes are designed to support advanced RF design with highest performance and lowest process complexity.

Embedded Flash

With its 0.35µm embedded Flash technologies, ams provides robust embedded non-volatile memory processes for SoC solutions (System on Chip) in automotive, industrial and consumer applications like RFID, Smart Cards, Sensor Interfaces, Micro controller applications, Trimming applications and others.