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Marketing Communications

Otilia Ayats-Mas
Phone: +1 469 298 4277

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  ams의 오디오 칩, FIIL의 무선 헤드폰 신제품 2종에 세계적 수준의 노이즈 캔슬링 성능 제공

ams의 저전력 고성능 AS3435 및 미니어처 AS3412 노이즈 캔슬링 IC, FIIL의 혁신적인 차세대 온이어 및 인이어 헤드폰에 탁월한 ANC 성능 구현

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New automotive-grade magnetic position sensors from ams feature PSI5 interface

New AS5172A/B systems-on-chip enable automotive OEMs to comply with stringent safety standards across a wide range of remote position sensing applications

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ams awards EMEA distribution franchise to EBV to support rapid growth in demand for smart sensor solutions

EBV’s strength in technical sales and applications engineering will help design engineers take advantage of ams innovations in optical, imaging, environmental, audio, position and wireless sensor products

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Otilia Ayats-Mas
Phone: +1 469 298 4277

Patricia Moosburger
Phone: +43 3136 500 31235