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Process Design Kits

Upon request, ams provides design kits consisting of library elements, component models, process-specific parameters, and interface programs for CAD software to foundry customers who develop their own chips.


Service is our company's highest priority. ams can provide cell libraries for various technologies, and supports its customers with geometrical design data, simulation models, as well as with extensive documentation.
Based on state-of-the art design software provided by various software vendors, ams offers a comprehensive process design kit called hitkit.

HIT-Kit - Reference Design Flow

HIT-Kit - Reference Design Flow

HIT-Kit - Reference Design Flow

The hitkit enables product developers to concentrate on IC design rather than on setting up and mastering the EDA environment. This leads our Partners to:

  • Shorter Time to Market
  • Complete Environment for First Time Right Designs
  • More Efficient Designs (Die Size, Performance, Yield)


The advantages and Benefits of the hitkit are:

  • All major EDA tools supported
  • All process technologies supported with latest versions of EDA tools
  • "Plug and Play" for IC designers
  • All devices supported throughout the whole design flow
  • Complete modeling of active and passive devices
  • Supports complete flow for RF and mixed signal (devices, models, libraries,...)
  • Full mixed-signal library concept: digital, analog, special libraries (for noise sensitive applications)
  • hitkit is fully compliant with our QS9000 quality flow and well tracked with release control, patches and customer interface system
  • hitkit developers provide technical support

Libraries for schematic capture, logic and circuit simulation can be provided for tools from a wide variety of software vendors.

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